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About Stormforward
Stormforward is no longer providing business consultancy services. Simon Murdoch is now full time managing partner at Episode 1 Ventures, a London based early stage VC.


I’m Simon Murdoch and Stormforward Ltd was a business consultancy that I operated before setting up Episode 1 Ventures, an early stage VC operating in London, UK.



The Entrepreneur

I was originally an Internet entrepreneur – I set up an early internet bookseller, Bookpages, in 1996 and then successfully sold it to Amazon.com. I was the head of Amazon.co.uk when it launched in 1998, which immediately became the No 1 ecommerce company in Europe. In early 1999 I was appointed VP Europe of Amazon. Later, in 2004, I founded an internet social community service FriendsAbroad to assist consumers all around the world to practise their language skills. That business was sold to German competitor Babbel in 2008.

The Investor

In Dec 1999 I co-founded Chase Episode 1, a London-based venture capital business managing the $100m Chase Episode 1 fund for JP Morgan Chase, investing in Internet and software businesses in Europe, such as Betfair, ScanSafe and First Tuesday.

With two partners we were hands-on investors – sourcing, selecting and managing the investments which have already provided excellent returns for the fund’s investors in spite of being a year 2000 vintage fund.

From 2001 to 2010 I was also an active angel investor in internet and mobile businesses such as LoveFilm, Shazam and Zoopla.

Now I manage Episode 1 Ventures which has a £37.5m fund to invest in software driven businesses based in the UK. We specialise in building companies from Seed to Series A and have successes such as Carwow, Triptease and Emoov in our portfolio.