Helping young businesses grow…
The StormForward team, led by Dr Simon Murdoch, are experts in assisting early stage businesses to demonstrate a path to profitability and make them investor-ready.

Here are just some of the ways we can help

  • Review your business plan and financial model so they will attract investors

  • Analyse your current team and hiring plans to ensure the right balance across all areas of the business

  • Advise on where to spend limited funds in order to achieve early traction

  • Mentoring entrepreneurial CEOs in business building and funding

  • Act as trouble-shooter when things are not going to plan

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Bridging the investment gap

In business, entrepreneurs and investors can often feel like they are on opposite sides of a gaping chasm – the entrepreneur wanting the business to develop to follow his own goals and passions, versus the investor who is only looking for the bottom line.

StormForward can help to bridge that gap, understanding fully the need for the entrepreneur to adapt his business to grow to meet investor demands, while maintaining the opportunity for him to make his mark and feel the business is still his own.

The investors can be assisted in understanding when to intervene to ensure the business meets the goals required, but perhaps more importantly when to leave the entrepreneur alone to get on with achieving those goals.

About the Doctor

Dr Simon Murdoch knows how it feels to run a start-up business – over his 20+ years career he has developed highly successful internet businesses which have attracted funding and lucrative exits for investors. He has also been successful as a venture capitalist and as an angel investor.
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